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Advanced Online Bible Search/Read Tool

This software in no longer available for sale. It is available only on Webnet77 Hosted accounts

  • This is not something that runs on your PC but on a web server - Your Website!
  • Any Web Master who wants a powerful, multilingual, user friendly Online Bible Search and Read utility can use this software. (See requirements below)
  • Read or Search over 50 Bibles,
  • Powerful search features include:
    • Ignore or honor case,
    • Exact phrase search,
    • Any word order,
    • Any words,
    • Bible Read mode.
  • Super fast indexing and searching (over 30,000 records in less than 1 second on a 1.3GHZ Celeron Linux Server),
  • Automatic real-time integration of over 2,500 Biblical names,
  • Automatic integration of Easton's Bible Dictionary (Ver 1.2)
  • Automatic Highlighting of text on the fly,
  • Purchase once and get free upgrades for 12 months,
  • Powerful, password protected Administrator interface,
  • Fully integrated visitor logging,
  • Automatic language selection for names of Books for Bibles of different languages,
  • Supports ISO-8859-1, Windows-1252 and UTF-8 character sets,
  • Easy to install (Version 2 has a debug feature to assist installation),
  • Works with standard BibleDatabase modules,
  • Customizable header and footer files to suite the look and feel of your Website,
  • Software automatically adapts itself to the number of installed Modules.
  • Version 2 is now available. Many new features and much easier installation.
  • Version 3 Additional Features:
    • Built in user selectable themes. These are stored in a cookie so the user gets the same theme for each visit.
    • The look and feel, font, font-size, colors are user selectable.
    • A search bug on the UTF-8 Bibles has been fixed.
    • The Search form is not a HTML template so it is fully customizable.
    • The Greek Bibles now appear in the correct font.
    • Support for languages like Russian, Chinese and Bulgarian etc is now standard.
    • Hebrew Right-to-left support is included as well as the Hebrew Bible module.
    • Font size for Hebrew and Greek texts are automatically adjusted.
Server Requirements:

This software is provided free on all Webnet77 hosting accounts.

Online Demo:

Advanced Online Bible Search is used on hundreds of Christian websites. Christian Webmasters use it because it works! It could be on your site next.

Click here to see it working on this site.

How much?:

This software is provided free on all Webnet77 hosting accounts.

You can also get it free on your site even if you do not host with us - Click Here

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