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  Website Mailing List

When you order a Website from Webnet77 you get the entire software collection free!

  • This is not a mailing list that runs on your PC but on a web server - Your Website!
  • Allow your members/customers to subscribe to your mailing list from your website,
  • When you want to do a mail shot, simply log into the admin control panel via your Browser to do a HTML or plain text mail-shot to all your members/customers.
  • Many features in this software are normally only found in much more expensive packages,
  • Automatically detects if mail is to be sent as HTML or plain text!
  • Members/customers subscribe or unsubscribe themselves to your mailing list directly from your website,
  • No adverts, banners in the mail sent to your customers/visitors,
  • Each email sent out has an individualized unsubscribe link if the recipient wants to unsubscribe - No "Reply to this mail" or "go to our website and fill in a form". It's done with one click,
  • Tells you if you are already subscribed to the mailing list,
  • Un-subscription confirmation message,
  • Powerful admin interface allows you to Add or bulk add member email addresses,
  • Delete, or bulk delete members from your list,
  • Backup your list,
  • List or Count member email addresses,
  • Remove duplicate email addresses with just one click! The software does the rest,
  • Fully customizable HTML Templates,
  • Sends new subscriber a confirmation email with the IP address of the person who subscribed him/her,
  • Extra: htaccess assistant for protecting your directories and files.
Server Requirements:
  • A *NIX server (Linux, UNIX etc) with Perl 5.000 or later installed,
  • Access to your cgi-bin directory,
  • About 100 KB of free space available,
Online Demo:

Client interface

Admin Interface

This is a fully functional version of However, by subscribing/unsubscribing your email to this list you will not be adding yourself to any mailing list since this is only a demo list. To actually join one of our mailing lists, read more here.

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How much?:
  • $18-00. FREE
  • Email help as well as online help at the Forum is offered.
  • An installation help file is included.
  • An installation service is also available at $28-00 if you need us to do it for you.

To download, log into our WebAuth download manager with the following:

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Password: spudmonkey

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