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Description and download link for HTML Compiler

When you order a Website from Webnet77 you get the entire software collection free!

OS Supported

Software Status Download Link
Win 95,98,ME, 2000, and Windows XP

 Full Release
November 2003
2,237,378 Bytes

Download HTMLCompiler Ver 5.1.0 now.
Any Windows PC with an installed, working copy of BibleDatabase. BibleDatabase and all it's modules are free - download them here. (If you are unsure, please download HTML Compiler and try it before you buy it).

This amazing little utility allows you to turn any BibleDatabase Module into multiple, linked HTML files in seconds. You can use these files on your PC or you can upload them to your Website and offer Online Bibles for others to read. The most useful Application is to make customized Bibles for your Website.

Key Features:

  • Version 5 now with support for Cascading Style Sheets.

  • Create multiple HTML pages from any BibleDatabase module for use on your Website or PC.

  • Add background image to your pages - Watermark or scrolling.

  • Add your own custom headers and footers to make really good looking pages.

  • Add Dynamic titles to all pages.

  • HTML compiler will cross link all the pages for you and even create an index file - all automatically!

  • Customize Rollover effects as well as Hyperlink colors.

  • Select the Background color, foreground color, Text size and Font of the pages you create and have HTML Compiler put these in automatically for you.

  • HTML compiler will automatically add META TAG DESCRIPTION and META TAG KEYWORDS to your HTML Bible thus giving your website a higher rating in the Search Engines.

  • Compiles very quickly. Over 1,000 HTML pages generated in 10 seconds! This allows you to preview your pages very quickly and make changes as required.

  • Choose single or double line spacing.

  • Creates a separate HTML file for each Book of the Bible (1189 in total) with links in each file to the other chapters as well as a link to the index page allowing rapid access to any Book, Chapter or Verse of the Bible.

  • To see examples of Bibles converted with HTML Compiler, see the Online Demos below or see some Bibles made with this tool on this site click here.

  • Click for Screenshot.

  • Help File included.

  • HTMLCompiler works great with the Unicode Bibles.

  • HTMLCompiler versions from Ver 2.1 now support either 8.3 filenames or long filenames.

Cost to Register
  • $18-00. FREE

  • The unregistered version is fully functional version but has a Nag screen which pops up from time to time until you register.

Name generic Enter this instead of your name


Standard and Special Requirements
  • A PC running Windows 95, 98, ME 2000 or XP with 32MB+ of RAM and enough free space to hold the Bibles and generated HTML files (about 10MB for each Bible).

  • BibleDatabase Ver 2.4 (Freeware) or later must be correctly installed and operational for HTMLCompiler to work.

Online Demos

See the Screenshots as well as Bibles made with this tool.

See some of our customers sites using HTMLCompiler at Thai Bible, Highland Heights Church of Christ, Online Swedish Bible and Thousands more

  • A comprehensive Help file comes with the Software

  • Online Help is also available at the Helpdesk from our Technical Support team.

  • NOTE: You must use this software with BibleDatabase Version 4.03. It does not work with Version 5 of BibleDatabase

OS Supported

Software Status Download Link
Win 95,98,ME, 2000, and Windows XP

 Full Release
November 2003
2,237,378 Bytes

Download HTMLCompiler Ver 5.1.0 now.
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